Hosting a Party FAQ

Q.  Do I get anything for hosting a party?
A.  Absolutely!  All of our amazing hosts will receive a shopping spree of 10% of the retail sales from their party as well as a free product chosen by the LOVEWINX Consultant.

Q.  Is there a fee for hosting a LOVEWINX party?
A.  No.  LOVEWINX corporate and LOVEWINX consultants will never charge a fee of any kind to host a party.

Q.  I live in an apartment, will I have enough room?
A.  A LOVEWINX party is perfect for a small space.  You will be surprised at how little room is required. Your Consultant will help organize the perfect party setting.

Q.  Are men allowed to attend a LOVEWINX party?
A.  Yes all adults over the age of 18 can attend a LW party.

Q.  Will the orders come to me for delivery?
A.  Your consultant will discuss your delivery options with you for any orders that were not delivered to your guests at the party.

Q.  Can my friend bring her newborn baby to the party?
A.  No one under the age of 18 can attend or be on the premises during a LOVEWINX party.

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